Plant Your Future!

Long term volunteering project about environmental protection

This project seeks to raise participants awareness of the need to protect the environment and promote sustainable development, primarily through educating the youngest members of the community about the benefits of such engagement. Through active involvement of volunteers in the process of designing and conducting workshops on organic food production, healthy meal preparation, environmental conservation, recycling etc in kindergartens, schools and urban centers, the project seeks to motivate citizens, especially the youngest, to make their future healthy and sustainable. Some of the foreseen activities:

  • Preparing materials and implementing workshops (local and international) based on educating participants in the field of environmental protection, healthy lifestyles and sustainable development;

  • Developing fundraising content and implementing crowdfunding activities for development of Eco Educational Farm;

  • Practical gardening & agricultural activities

  • Development of own project ideas

  • Creating and publishing social media content related to the project and volunteering service

  • Public activities in the local community

Practical arrangements:

  • Accomodation: volunteers will be accommodated in single rooms, the apartment will be equipped with everything necessary

  • International travel: tickets will be reimbursed between Hungary and Croatia up to 180 euro (return)

  • Pocket money: 150 euro monthly

  • 2 off-days per week, 2 holiday days per month

  • Health insurance covered

  • Croatian language lessons

  • Pre-departure Training

  • On-Arrival Training from Croatian National Agency

  • Mentoring, opportunity for learning and self-development

Participant profile:

  • Age 18-30

  • Fluent in English

  • Motivated to work with children and young people

  • Motivated to live and work in a rural surrounding

  • Interested in nature, sustainability, ecology, healthy food preparation and healthy lifestyle

  • Independent and proactive

  • Good team players

Hosting organisation:

Pozitiva Samobor is an association, a non-governmental organization established in 2011. with the main aim to design programs for developing skills of young people, discover their talents as well as to teach them to take actions and responsibilities. We want to provide youth with adequate tools and motivation to activate their minds and bodies in order to become great leaders of 21st century.

Date: 01 February 2022 - 30 April 2022

Application: send a CV and a motivational letter to

Deadline: ASAP


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