Skin in the Game

Long term volunteering project for community development

SKIN IN THE GAME is a volunteering project addressed to community development, social inclusion and climate/environment protection. It will be held in Torre del Greco (Metropolitan Area of Naples, Italy) with the involvement of 4 international volunteers (from Spain, Hungary, Greece, Poland), hosted by Ianua Australis.

The project aims to give its own constructive contribution to two of the greatest issues affecting nowadays the social fabric of the city of Torre del Greco: the growing marginalisation of a part of the local community (poverty, early school leaving, etc.) and too little care for the environment. Some of the foreseen activities:

  • Service in the Caritas-run soup kitchen in Torre del Greco, which helps people in situation of economic vulnerability

  • Preservation and environmental education activities

  • Language assistants in schools throughout the Naples metropolitan area taht will involve both curricular and extracurricular activities

Practical arrangements:

  • Accomodation: volunteers share an apartment with double rooms, internet connection, the apartment will be equipped with everything necessary

  • International travel: tickets will be reimbursed between Hungary and Italy up to 275 euro (return)

  • Pocket money: 150 euro monthly, food money: 80 euro monthly

  • 2 off-days per week, 2 holiday days per month

  • Health insurance covered

  • Linguistic support (Italian classes 10 hours/month)

  • Pre-departure Training

  • On-Arrival Training from Italian National Agency

  • Mentoring, opportunity for learning and self-development

Participant profile:

  • ideally 21-22 years old

  • resident in Hungary

  • able to work in an international team

  • good English skills are required (minimum B2)

Hosting organisation:

IANUA AUSTRALIS is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-denominational organization that promotes social purposes and solidarity. It was established in 2015 to help make concrete improvements within local communities by boosting a greater awareness of the European dimension.

Ianua Australis carries out activities in the field of education, training and intercultural dialogue: its work has always been based on active participation and involvement of people, non-formal and informal education and cross-sectorial multidisciplinary approach.

Date: January 2022 - December 2022

Application: send a CV and a motivational letter to

Deadline: ASAP


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