Upcoming volunteer projects

Faenza, Italy

February - October 2023

Associazione S.E.M.I. is looking for 6 volunteers in 3 different projects:

  • Learning is Fun (study support center, afterschool, workshops in the schools)

  • International Creativity (promoting European opportunities, social media management, local and international projects)

  • Youth International (support to the Youth Information center, social media, local and international projects)

Project information and application:


Leipzig, Germany

March 2023 - March 2024

Villa Leipzig is currently offering 3 different activites:

  • Volunteer at Kindergarten (support the pedagogues, creative workshops with children)

  • Waldorfschule (after-school center, work with 6-10 y.o. children)

  • Youth Club Eco House (gardening, nature and youth club activities)

Project information and application:


Thal bei Graz, Austria

February - December 2023

LOGO is looking for a volunteer in

Children's village, a youth welfare institution to assist the professional staff in their daily activities.

Project information: