Hatem's Story

Plant Your Future! Long term volunteering project about environmental protection

As a volunteer at Pozitiva, we participated together in several activities and workshop. Before starting volunteering we received a high-quality training. I worked on assisting the project coordinators with the management of projects.

I was impressed by the professionalism and ethos. The organisation is genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of their beneficiaries, they work in order to support families that have a son or daughter with autism or disability to overcome social isolation, which is in line with an affirmational approach to disability.

One of my personal and professional beliefs is that social justice is achieved when all people, regardless their condition, can have access to the same range of opportunities in society. I think Kith and Kids make a huge contribution by providing activities where young people with disabilities can learn skills, make friends, go out and have fun. Volunteers play a key role to fulfil this purpose.

As I got more involved in the organisation I began to understand more deeply the underlying principles, purposes and function. Now that I have finished my MA and am going back to my country I feel very grateful for this experience, for what it has done for my learning and personal development.

I had the opportunity to volunteer in an organisation related to my career, which helped me with a number of ideas and experiences, and contributed to my own professional development.

Besides that, I think the best thing about volunteering is feeling that you are doing something meaningful. When you are a full-time student, you spend a lot of time reading and writing, developing your ideas and thoughts. To me, study is a very isolating activity that you do mainly for yourself (of course, we all want to have an impact in our society after studying, but that’s a long-term goal). Volunteering while you are studying is a way of making a social contribution with an immediate impact.

I think the most challenging thing is time-management. It is important to undertake volunteering opportunities that you can actually commit to without neglecting your studies.

I have new knowledge about what the volunteering system is like. I gained new skills - I had not worked with young adults before. I have made important contacts with my colleagues. I have a renewed perspective on what can be done, so I have many ideas to continue working on.

I hope to have contributed to the wellbeing of many people during my volunteering, at least I am sure that we spent a great time together. I think I helped the team during my internship, by bringing my own skills and ideas to the office.

Volunteering there is the perfect opportunity to develop your own skills and support others in their own path. Having the opportunity to meet different people opens up a new viewpoint on life. It helps you to develop your own empathy, creativity and flexibility.

Pozitiva is a very supporting organisation, they care about volunteers as much as about members. They train, support and guide volunteers during the whole process. Is a very welcoming community in which you will have the opportunity to connect with your inner child, to play and have fun in a healthy environment, getting to know very nice people and even make new friends.

Hosting organisation:

Pozitiva Samobor is an association, a non-governmental organization established in 2011. with the main aim to design programs for developing skills of young people, discover their talents as well as to teach them to take actions and responsibilities. We want to provide youth with adequate tools and motivation to activate their minds and bodies in order to become great leaders of 21st century.


Plant Your Future! volunteering project

Date: 01 December 2021 - 30 April 2022

Volunteer: Hatem Affes