About us

Our story

The three founders of our organisation had known each other for years when we decided to create something together. With the fusion of our professions and passion (human ecology, education and intercultural dialogue) and some years experience in youth work we decided to establish our own youth foundation with the aim of supporting young people to deal with the challenges of the 21st century. After some months of work, we received the official court registration on 19 February 2019.

We received more support than we expected. We had the opportunity to participate transnational cooperation activities to start building our network, volunteers helped us (for instance, our logo was designed by an enthusiastic Hungarian youngster) and also our friends supported us to raise visibility with a great success. In September 2019 we have completed our first sending activity and in November we could co-organise our first own project supported by the Hungarian National Agency. From January 2020 we are accredited ESC supporting organization with a Quality Label.

Our operation based on equal decision-making rights but well-defined tasks and responsibilities. We are not only colleagues, but also friends. We share the passion for travelling, gastronomy and intercultural learning. After many impressive experience of Erasmus+ projects and volunteerism, we are happy to give back something and provide learning mobility opportunities for young people living in Hungary and contribute to the improvement of Hungarian and European youth work.


We aim to support young people dealing with the challenges of the 21st century and to help them spend the early stages of their adult lives actively and productively to build up their successful future and to become active citizens, create value and contribute to social development. We are engaged in value-based development and focus on three main areas in line with the needs and interests of our target groups:

Social diversity and intercultural dialogue for peaceful societies

Most of the studies agree that one of the biggest challenges of the modern age are social in nature. Growing population and economy brings new factors like urbanisation or diversity but also problems like growing migration, intolerance and inequalities, erodation of trust in the governments or threats of war and terrorism. We believe that community initiatives can fight against social exclusion, intolerance and radicalization. We aim to provide non-formal and informal learning opportunities for young people to equip them all the skills and attitudes to build more tolerant and peaceful societies.

Sustainable lifestyle and environmental awareness

Studies show that most of the European young people consider climate crisis one of the most important challenges in the 21st century. Indeed, our current lifestyle seems less and less sustainable. There are good practices existing but most of the work remains to be done. We would like to support young people not only to learn how to live a sustainable life but also meet other interested youngsters and discuss what to do and encourage them to contribute to this challenge, take responsibility and impact on their environment.

Future of (digital) learning and educational innovation

Digitalisation is unavoidable in almost every area of our age, including education. Training and education systems are in important transformation by losing their traditional roles. Instead of teaching institutes, schools need to fulfill a learning support function. Yet, institutional systems are slowly adapting to social needs thus we aim to provide innovative learning opportunities for young people like non-formal education, learning mobility, digital learning and gamification to complete traditional education. Furthermore, we support learning and adapting processes of youth workers to the new methods and technologies that they can use in their work.

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