Learning mobility

We strongly believe that international mobility is beneficial not only for individuals but make a significant impact on society by reducing racism, prejudices, having more competent and motivated young people. We are very motivated and engaged in high quality sending activities. With many great and impressive experience in Erasmus+ projects of our team members, we do not only know the all phases of a project and understand the whole project life-cycle but we also know how ideas are born and we are ready to support our participants to implement these actions and we are also very conscious in dissemination and visibility.

As a sending partner in your mobility project we put a great emphasis to:

    • Visibility of the project (promotion from the very first time through social media, website, newsletters),

    • Selection of suitable participants (based on the needs of the organizers; care about the gender balance; participation youth with disadvantaged backgrounds and fewer opportunities; taking the topic into consideration),

    • Informing, preparing and supporting participants (organising practical arrangements, travel plans, pre-departure meeting, continues contact and support all the phases of the project),

    • Dissemination & follow-up activities (disseminate the results through online social media and offline local activities, increasing the visibility of the project; feedbacks and follow-up the impacts with our participants).

For reference, visit our Projects page!

Active citizenship and social entrepreneurship

We are aware that active citizenship and sense of initiative gaining more and more importance in the 21st century. Local volunteerism and youth initiatives help to deal with several problems like social exclusion or indifference, alienation, distrust of government or exploitation of natural resources.

We highly encourage Hungarian young people to develop solidarity projects in the framework of the European Solidarity Corps.

We assist them...

  • to get a suitable and motivated team, if they need;

  • in project development, proposal writing and budget management;

  • dealing with technical challenges during the implementation;

  • in dissemination and visibility actions;

  • in the evaluation and project closure;

  • awareness of the learning process.

Innovation in education and social development

We are motivated to contribute to the improvement of youth work and education. We have experience with non-formal education methods and we believe that it contributes to the efficiency of education both online and offline. We participate in long-term projects (Erasmus+ KA2 strategic partnerships, Europe for Citizens, Visegrad Fund).

As a partner in your long-term project we are ready...

  • to support you in project development and tender proposal writing;

  • to actively participate in research & development with our academic background;

  • to contribute to professional implementation (involve an expert from our network if it is neccessary);

  • to take responsibility for project dissemination (project logo, webpage, leaflets, social media).


As former volunteers and enthusiastic participants of Erasmus+ projects, we are happy to talk about our experiences and opportunities of the program! We are ready to give a lecture, organize a workshop or a photo exhibition, make a quiz or a game, etc. (we have a lot of ideas) in your school or organisation.

We welcome your inquiry...

  • if your school have just joined the Erasmus+ program and you need help to get familiar with youth exchanges;

  • you would like to have a class about Erasmus+ with non-formal education methods;

  • you organize a (university) event and you need a presenter about intercultural learning and mobility;

  • you are interested in education, personal development, youth activities, social equality, active citizenship, etc.