Volunteer stories

2 months close to Barcelona

Long-term volunteering working with horse-therapy

She spent 12 months volunteering in an alternative school, then decided to stay

4 month in the seaside of Catalunya

Tünde spent 12 months near Cluj-Napoca working with kids in an after school program

Gitta volunteered 12 months in a kindergarten in Germany

Ágota's spent 5 months in Italy working with vulnerable teenagers living in social care

Sári's longterm volunteering in Spain working with kids

Team volunteering project in the countryside of Spain, focusing on agriculture

Dora spent 4 months in Latvia with promoting ESC via a vlog series

Our favourite team volunteering in Zagreb - Autumn 2022 edition with 10 volunteers from 9 countries

Evelin's 6 months volunteering journey in Portugal 

Kincső spent 12 months in Potsdam dealing with international youth projects

Interview with Emma after her short-term volunteering