Mobility of Youth

We strongly believe that international mobility is beneficial not only for individuals but make a significant impact on the society by reducing racism, prejudices, having more competent and motivated young people. In our opinion, being aware about current social and ecological issues reflects the real needs of our society. We are committed to strengthen the social impact of the mobility projects and support participants to implement their ideas developed during the mobility projects.

With experience in non-formal education, we work for the youngsters from our community. By presenting European values and providing new mobility opportunities to Hungarian youngsters, we would like to support and inspire them to get socially involved and use their skills to benefit themselves and their environment as well.

Innovation in education

The school system cannot keep up with most of today's challenges. Young people entering the labour market often lack important soft skills while teachers and educators also face many problems during their work. Through our development activities, we also aim to play a complementary role in facilitating learning and teaching by offering students innovative, playful, entertaining extra-curricular courses, training and informal learning opportunities. We support the work of teachers and trainers through the manuals, guides and handbooks developed in our projects, and international training opportunities.

Young adult career support & entrepreneurship

The dynamically changing environment also affects the labour market, which causes challenges for youth. In practice, career guidance mostly remains within the framework of public education (for children) and employment services (for adults) and youth rarely get the help they need to start their career. Our Foundation aims to fill this gap by supporting young adults in developing transversal (inter-professional) skills, flexibility and initiative at an early stage of their careers, thus contributing to their future success as employees or entrepreneurs. Furthermore, conscious career building has a significant long-term impact on social mobility and equality.

Value-based development

Another important aim of our Foundation is to create the tradition of discovering, nurturing and preserving values among young adults which is a challenge in our rapidly changing world. We believe that social and environmental responsibility, equity and inclusion, effective self-expression and understanding, self-confidence and resilience, active citizenship, etc. are not only values, but form a set of competences based on exploration and conscious exploitation of value orientation, that will make young people both successful and satisfied in their life, furthermore helps sustainable development.