Szandra Varju

Co-founder, project coordinator

Studies: Cultural Anthropolgy (BA), Humanecology (MA)

Languages: advanced English, elementary Turkish

Area of interest: non-formal and lifelong learning, volunteerism and mobility programmes, intercultural education, social cohesion, environmental protection and nature conservation

Relevant background:

She has experience in sociological researching, has made fieldworks in various topics. She has a diverse and extensive volunteer and youth work experience as she participated senevral international youth projects and volunteered at local NGO’s. She completed her internship at a green local association in Budapest dealing with sustainable city life. In 2018 she completed a long-term European Voluntary Service in South-east of Turkey at a local youth association. Here she assisted in projects dealing with social cohesion of Syrian refugees and the local community. She has a strong commitment to value-based society and empowerment of civil society.