VET Mobility Safeguarding Quality Charter for Europe

The project is aimed towards identifying best practices, creating a standardised set of safeguarding and scaling up safeguarding these measures within the area of the Erasmus+ VET transnational mobility. Our project focuses on developing a set of practical standards and guidelines for implementation, along with the development of safety and security protocols for transnational mobility group leaders taking students abroad, as well as an e-course, community of best practice and a resource bank for VET practitioners; with the ultimate goal of maintaining safe and secure mobility programmes for young students travelling abroad to undertake a period of study or vocational work placement.

Project Objectives:

  • To implement the safeguarding best practices amongst VET mobility organisations on a wider, pan-European scale

  • To develop a holistic, European strategy for effective safeguarding and promotion of quality mobility of VET learners under the age of 18

  • To lay the foundations for the implementation and uptake of a single European VET Mobility Safeguarding Policy at a higher/systemic level

  • To raise awareness of the importance and ongoing need for safeguarding awareness and review within mobility activities

  • To cultivate a European VET Mobility safeguarding focused network through which VET mobility staff and coordinators from both host and receiving organisations can share and exchange resources, knowledge and good practices

Project Outputs:

  1. VET Mobility Safeguarding Charter (IO1)

  2. VET Mobility Safeguarding Benchmarking Tool (IO2)

  3. VET Mobility Platform (IO3)

  4. VET Mobility Safeguarding e-Course (Part of IO3)

  5. VET Mobility Community of Best Practice (Part of IO3)

  6. VET Mobility Resource Bank (Part of IO3)

  7. VET Mobility Safeguarding Policy Recommendation Report (IO4)

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Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action type: Strategic Partnerships in the field of vocational education and training

ID: 2020-1-UK01-KA202-079153

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