The vision of the project

Our vision is to build resilience in youth, especially youth with fewer opportunities in a state of vulnerability, through activities related to video production of short fiction films.


We aim to achieve that young people with fewer opportunities as final beneficiaries of the project acquire a very useful tool for the development of strong resilience that can protect and empower them facing challenges in their lives with the use of short fiction films which can be a very attractive tool for the development of positive self-image.



Staff mobility - Long-term Training Activity in Slovenia

Our collegaue's impressions about the Youthloop training activity:

"I am Anna from Hungary and I have taken part in the YouthLoop training in Trbovlje, Slovenia May 2023. During the evaluation, we could agree with all participants that these 5 days were an intense learning experience and an outstanding example of co-working and sharing best practices.

The concept of this Erasmus+ training course was to bring together professional film makers, who are also involved in the field of youth work, with youth workers inexperienced, but interested in the world of film. The main objective was to provide the youth workers with knowledge, so that they can give support to youngsters interested in film making by taking their first steps. Later on this activity may evolve into leading workshops or a club related to film making. The other goal of our 5-day engagement was to test the YouthLoop portal and give feedback, as to if it is a platform easily understandable and useful for people who have no previous experience with film.

Throughout the training it was amazing to see how the professionals can support the beginners, find the best methods to explain the process of filmmaking in a clear way and show their previous works with young people. I was especially impressed by how despite their age 14-15 year-olds can manage to put movies together, which are technically remarkable and highly expressive about difficult situations in life or social issues. It was very inspiring to see these pieces of work for the whole group, because it made it clear that an outstanding result is reachable in this field with the right approach and guidance.

One more thing that I found lovely was the friendliness of the other participants and Slovenians in general. They made us feel like home from the first moments, were flexible with the organization to adapt to our needs and wishes and eager to share their culture with us. Outside the working hours we managed to visit multiple beautiful nature sights in the area close to Trbovlje and to organize some outside workshops related to camera work and enjoy the nice weather. I found the training advantageous both from a professional and a personal point of view, as besides understanding a new method I also got to know a stunning country that I would like to visit again in the future!"

Youth mobility - Gombolyag, Hungary

Young, enthusiastic (future) filmmakers gathered at the end of July in Gombolyag, Hungary to develop their self-awareness and resilience through short film-making. Our participants had the chance to learn from the organisers of the Busho Film Festival and Slovenian professionals.

E-learning platform


Gombolyag Alapítvány

Hungary (coordinator)



Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action type: Small-scale partnerships for youth

ID: 2022-1-HU01-KA210-YOU-000083484

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