Digital entrepreneurship 2 raise up

These past years of pandemic have shown us how vulnerable the economic system is. Many families' livelihood were saved only because they had an online business, or they worked at a place where the shift to working online was easy. Therefore, it is crucial that we learn the tools and the process of creating and maintaining an online business or online appearance. It is a valuable skill as an entrepreneur, freelancer or employee too.

The goal is to give participants the knowledge on how to start an online business which they can utilize in their professional future. During the project competences of becoming an entrepreneur are connected with the necessary with digital skills to become one. The focus is on the most important aspects of both of these areas to make the most out of it in a short time. The main objective is to provide a base of knowledge and practice that can help to start a business in the future and to help becoming more competent in working online.

The participants work in team to brainsstorm and come up with an enterprise idea, then create a website for their business. The project also focuses on other aspects such as content making, marketing, social media and design.

Specific objectives of youth exchange are:

Date11-21 September 2022

Participating countries: Hungary, Poland, Spain, Italy, Estonia