Welcome to the new age!

Stress, resilience, art of planning

Youth organisations and youth workers have to work in constant changes and sometimes it seems to be impossible to follow every improvement and technology around us. Accelerated living and relocating connections to virtual spaces cause many stressful situations.

These kinds of stress intensified with the outbreak but, youth workers have to face basic situations which are actually not fundamentally new. How to reach young people and how to motivate them? How to work with disadvantaged youngsters, how to meet their real needs, how to find them with this digital gap that we still have in most of the European countries? How to deal with uncertainty and stress in their daily and/or volunteer work? How to build management strategies for a solid but flexible youth organisation?

With this project, we would like to contribute to the improvement of quality of youth work in Europe by building resilience in youth organisations and youth workers, youth leaders, youth activists and volunteers. Developing their personal coping mechanisms will contribute to the efficiency of their daily work, which is crucial especially after the pandemic, when youth organisations will revive and start their activities again. Besides the capacity building of the youth organisations this project aims to foster developing and sharing existing best practices, methods and techniques in reaching and motivating marginalised and disadvantaged groups of young people that the partner organisations already have before or developed/gained during the digital operation of the COVID-19 outbreak.


  • Help participants understand and make them aware of coping mechanism in case of unforeseen situations.

  • Get participants to learn about resilience and its 7 pillars with special focus on the protective effects of team support.

  • Make them focus on those aspects of their lives that they can influence and empower them to represent this approach for young people.

  • Provide the participants with tools and techniques (mindfulness, solution oriented approach) with which they will be able to adopt more successfully in their work with young people.

  • Promote the power of EU values like cooperation, solidarity, tolerance and diversity and their role in rebuilding our daily life.

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Date: 17-24 October 2021

We are going to delegate an organiser, two trainers and 2 participants to the project.


Participating countries: Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Malta

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