Feel Good

"Feel Good" is an innovative project based on a comprehensive approach to the development of schools and institutions cooperating with young people. The project focuses on adapting the existing facilities to the expectations of the future by combining three pillars: ecology and sustainable development, digitization of teaching and learning, and starting intercultural dialogue and integration of excluded groups. The project responds to the needs of the modern world, including the preservation of mental health and well-being of young people, and its goal is to create a safe space for young people.


Project results


IO1 Report on eco-awareness and student well-being in schools and organizations working with youth

The "Feel Good" research aims to understand the daily challenges that young individuals face, as well as research educational institutions throughout Europe. By recognising the needs of both youths and those working with them across Europe, we intend to explore diverse educational perspectives. Additionally, a section of this report will be dedicated to proposing potential solutions that could enhance the learning environment for students and educators alike.

The Pan-European survey was conducted to gather insights and perceptions from youth and young individuals actively involved in the youth work field and educational institutions. Understanding their views on the role of motivation, the model of the "School of Tomorrow", and the concepts of "Be Fit and Healthy", "Be Well", and "Learning and Relaxing, It Goes Hand in Hand" was crucial in shaping strategies that cater to their unique needs, aspirations, and challenges.

The research was carried out using online survey between April and June 2023. The research encompasses a total of 29 countries, it attracted 1,030 participants (671 youngsters and 359 professional working with youth).

The research seport available in ENGLISH and in HUNGARIAN, too.

IO2 Feel Good Strategy



Between 25-31 August 2023, a Joint Staff Training was held in Saetre, Norway to deepen our knowledge on education and youth wellbeing.

Join the Paneuropean large-scale survey and help us to discover how the "School of Tomorrow" should be like. 

Questionnaire in ENGLISH

Questionnaire in HUNGARIAN

In 13-14 March 2023 a Kick-Off Meeting was held in Lódz, Poland with all the project partners together.


Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation partnerships in youth

ID: 2022-1-PL01-KA220-YOU-000086018