A new entrepreneurship approach in the digital age:

Digital Entrepreneurship

Digital entertainment and social networks, where a lot of time is spent, make young people feel more passive and have difficulty expressing themselves, lack of self-confidence and critical thinking. We do not want young people to be passive spectators; we want them to become entrepreneurs by taking advantage of digital opportunities. Leading young people to benefit from digital workforce opportunities and to be more intrusive individuals in societies are among the goals we want to achieve.


Project results

How to become a digital entrepreneur? 


Long term training activity for staff: Digital for young people the beginning of entrepreneurship for mentoring (Spain)

Long term training activity for staff: Digital Entrepreneurship (Malta)

Youth mobility: Digital Entrepreneurial Activities (Germany)

Youth mobility: Digital Media and digital opportunities (Hungary)

Multiplier events


Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation partnerships in youth

ID: 2022-1-ES02-KA220-YOU-000086085