Youth Bridges Budapest, based in Hungary, is a youth foundation with the aim to support young people dealing with the challenges of the 21st century.

Mobility and international volunteerism

Non-formal and digital education and training

Social entrepreneurship and active citizenship

Sustainable lifestyle and environmental awareness

Our Objectives


Develop transversal (inter-professional) skills, flexibility and sense of initiative of youth at an early stage of their careers to become proactive, successful and independent labour market actors.

Inclusive society

Contribute to the social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities and help them to become qualified, active and satisfied member of the society.

Civic participation

Improve youth participation in democratic life, in particular in local communities and develop self-government and sense of initiative.

Value-based development

Create the tradition of discovering, nurturing and preserving values among young adults in our rapidly changing world, especially in digital and online spaces.

Up to Us - V4 for Active Communities

Online Guide and Thinkaton about community activism in Szentendre, Hungary

Welcome to the New Age! - Stress, resilience, art of planning

Erasmus+ training course about coping mechanism and resilience in youth work in Budapest, Hungary

Digital Media Skills for Inclusion

Erasmus+ training course about new media literacy and social inclusion in Antalya, Turkey, December 2020


We are open to participate both short term and long term youth projects as well as volunteer sending activities. Our team members have experience with the following programs before: Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2, EU Aid Volunteers, GLEN, ESC (former EVS) and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. We are ready to take part in all stages of the project – management, meetings, preparation, logistics, dissemination and of course professional work including research and development.

We are also searching for partners to join our short term and long term youth projects in different grant types like Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps, Visegrad Fund, Europe for Citizens, etc. We believe in long term and beneficial partnerships but mutuality is not a criteria. Just be active, reliable, responsive and constructive - so, professional.